Quick Facts about Bay Point

Population 2010 Census                            21,349

Median Income 2010 for Households        $49,583

Poverty Rate                                               21.7%

Median Age                                            30.1 years

Largest Racial or Ethnic Group                 Hispanic


Sources: Census 2010 SF1 & 2006-2010 American Community

Survey 5 year estimates


Demographics Summary

  • With 21,349 people, Bay Point is the 326th most populated city in the state of California out of 1,523 communities.
  • In 2010, the median household income of Bay Point residents was $49,583. However, 21.7% of Bay Point residents live in poverty.
  • The median age for Bay Point residents is 30.1 years young.
  • The largest Bay Point racial/ethnic groups are Hispanic (54.9%) followed by White (20.5%) and Black (10.9%).


Bay Point Race / Ethnic Groups

Non-Non-Hispanic Population

White                                                       4,374

  Black                                                        2,330

 American Indian                                          77 

   Asian                                                        2,071

   Pacific Islander                                          127

Some Other Race                                      40

Two or More Races                                  600 

    Hispanic                                                11,730

                 Source: Census 2010 SF1 Table P9 Hispanic or Latino or Not Hispanic or Latino by Race

Largest Bay Point Race / Ethnic Groups

1.    The Bay Point Hispanic population is 11,730 persons or 54.9%.

2.    The Bay Point White population is 4,374 persons or 20.5%.

3.    The Bay Point Black population is 2,330 persons or 10.9%.

Note: the US Census Bureau defines race and ethnicity differently from the way most people think about race and ethnicity. In a nutshell, a person's origin (or what used to be called ethnicity) is either Hispanic or Non-Hispanic. And a person's race can be white, black or African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Some Other Race or Two or More Races. For more details about race and origin data, google "US Census Bureau race and origin Census 2010."



Bay Point Median Age

With a median age of 30.1, Bay Point is younger than most Contra Costa communities.

Median Age                                 30.1

30.1 years

Median Age – Females               30.6

30.6 years

Median Age – Males                   29.5

29.5 years

Source: Census 2010 SF1 Table P13 Median Age by Male/Female


Under 18 and Over 65 Age Breakdown


Persons Under 18                        30.5 percent


Persons Over 65                             6.7 percent


Source: Census 2010 SF1 Table P12 Male/Female by Age