Trina Hudson

I joined the Bay Point Municipal Advisory Council to add a fresh perspective and new ideas to an already smoothly running council. I am excited to engage my neighbors and other community members to continue to build and create a better life for ourselves in our town. 

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 04/16/2013             12/31/2016

Debra Mason


I joined the MAC because back in 1990 I had an issue with a decision they had made, when I went to a meeting to express my concerns I found that they were very helpful. So I began attending their meetings, shortly after that a member resigned and they asked if I would be interested in joining them. I applied and was appointed and served not only on the MAC but the Project Area Committee and the West Pittsburg Pride as well.

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04/16/2013                   12/31/2016


Vicki Zumwalt


I joined the MAC to act as a representative of my community, providing feedback to our District V Supervisor on the needs of our residents and to ensure that our voices are heard and needs are met to create a better quality of life for Bay Point residents.

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   04/16/2013                       12/31/2016


Eva Garcia 

I joined the MAC to promote community pride, be involved in making positive change and be responsive to residents needs.  I want to focus on the future of this wonderful community and make sure that Bay Point grows and thrives.

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04/16/2013                        12/31/2016


Lupe Lopez


I joined the MAC because I would like to address issues in the community, and provide solutions for the future. It is important to me to be involved in making positive change, working along with our Supervisor Federal Glover, and other groups and residents in a formal way.

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04/16/2013                 12/31/2016




Sterling Stevenson


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04/16/2013                12/31/2016


Charles Tremaine


"I joined the MAC because I wanted to do more than just complain. I wanted to be part of the solution. I've learned that to do things the right way and the legal way, solutions are not as simple as they might appear at first."

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04/16/2013               12/31/2016